30 Common Questions about Home Tuition Service in Malaysia

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30 Common Questions about Home Tuition in Malaysia

Home Tuition (tuition teacher or home tutor go to teach at the student’s house) is very common or is kinda in demand as most of the parents wish to get the best for their child. But there is some common questions exists in parents or tutor’s mind.

A tuition teacher or tutor is guiding the child how to read

Let’s start with today’s topic, what is the common questions in parents, tutors or even student’s mind along the years.

1. How to get a suitable tuition teacher for my child?

There are few common ways to get a tuition teacher in Malaysia

  • Recommended from a friends/ relatives or colleagues
  • Advertise on facebook or forum to look for a tuition teacher
  • Offer current school teacher to teacher in your house
  • Get it from a reputable home tuition agency in Malaysia

So the answer is, which is the best option?

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